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Worldwide Demonstration – March 20, 2021

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  • olbricht
    New Member
    • Jan 2021
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    Worldwide Demonstration – March 20, 2021

    Just found this.

    12-2 PM

    From their web site:

    Objectives of our protest

    Our Fundamental Human Rights have top priority, and are not negotiable.
    The Excessive and Unlawful Coronavirus Restriction measures must end immediately.
    The Unreasonable and Tyrannical suppression of dissent by police forces must be stopped.
    In the past year, people’s Livelihoods and Freedoms have been destroyed by Lockdowns and Border
    We have had our bodily autonomy violated by mask mandates, and plans to mandate Coronavirus
    Vaccinations are being rolled out internationally.
    These are unacceptable constraints on our Freedom.
    We are taking a stand for 5 important Freedoms:
    • Freedom of Speech.
    • Freedom of Movement.
    • Freedom of Choice.
    • Freedom of Assembly.
    • Freedom of Health.

    The Time for Action is Now.
    We call on all opponents of the Coronavirus Restriction policies of their own government to participate
    in this World-Wide Protest.
    As one massive, united, and peaceful community, we will stand up and demand an end to the current
    restrictions and authoritarian control measures.
    Since the beginning of 2020, we have grown together locally and become a part of a broader
    Freedom Movement around the World.
    We have made many new friends, and found that we are not alone in our desire for Freedom.

  • Victoria
    Seattle Truth Network Organizer
    • Dec 2020
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    Hello olbricht,
    I've heard about these, it's all over the world. A bunch of us in Seattle will be walking mask-free around Green Lake today at 10:00. I've heard of gatherings today in Olympia but I don't know much more than that.